In the Middle of Nowhere

Here I am stuck in the middle of nowhere!


I’ve been here since 6 months ago. I runaway because I believe that it is the best thing to do to escape the real world.


While I am here in this small island in Visayas Region, culture shock is my welcoming commitee.
From pure “tagalog” and “gay lingo” mouth to Visayans Dialect “Waray”! Well if you can understand an old Filipino language you can understand them a little. I was frustrated and pissed for my first 2 months of stay!


After a few months of adjustment (IDTS hehehe) I learned alot from this small yet proud community. They are all willing to help me in my everyday living. From igniting the woods for cooking, fetching a pale of water from deep well. They taught me how to climb from a coconut tree, catching a fish using a net, even on how to wash clothes in the river using my hands. Sounds abusive guy right?




Those people are contented the way they live. Maybe the reason is the place is in the remote area. If you want to go here you have to ride a bus from Manila to Catbalogan Samar for about 18hours. Then another 1hour and 30minutes ride of motor boat to Talalora and additional 10minutes for another motor boat to baranggay Iquiran. That will makes your butt really hurt from a bumpy ride!!!!


You will not regret it because the views from Manila to our baranggay Iquiran well worth it.


Time to rest guys!


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