Forbidden Love: Secret Relationship of a Varsity Player


Simon is my classmate when I was in college. He’s a varsity player while I’m on a bleacher. My feelings for him started the moment I saw him in tv during their game. I used to dislike him because his kinda self centered and I’m not a big fan of campus celebrity. He has a girlfriend and all girls in the campus are his fans. But of course I am definitely attracted to him.

As a nobody guy in the campus, no one ever attempted to pay an attention to me. I felt like I’m invisible in their parameter. Until Simon approached  me. He asked me if I did our homework  in Calculus.  Ofcourse I did! I’m a Dean Lister! From that moment we become close friends and my feelings for him goes deeper and deeper.

One day, he asked me if I used to have a boyfriend and I said yes. Then he asked me again on how does it feel to have a same sex relationship. I tried to explain but I don’t know if he can absorb it coz he’s a straight guy. Out of nowhere he hold my hand and say “I think I like you”. I was shocked and stunned. I’m happy but I think there’s something wrong. “Stop joking Simon. I’m not buying it.” I said. “It’s true Mico. I’m serious for this. I think of it over and over again. Please believe me.” he said. “But you have a girlfriend.” I said while my tears is starting to fall. “Let me be with you and everything will be okay just accept me.” he said while holding my hand so tight.

For 6 months we’re okay. His girlfriend has no idea since I am very discreet guy. I know deep in my heart that this is wrong. But why should I deprive my self for this since I love Simon from the very beginning?

There’s a humor around the campus that one of the basketball players has a same sex relationship. It affected me alot and I’m afraid if they find out about Simon and I. So I asked Simon for a break up. He don’t want it first but I told him that’s the best thing to do. I don’t want him to lose his scholarship because of me. He said he will do everything to keep our relationship very secret but I insist my decision.

I know haw hard it is. I cried so many nights but I have to let him go because I love him.


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