Bloom is crying in Justin Bieber’s Instagram post

IT WAS reported last July 30, 2014. That Orlando Bloom had tried to punch Justin Bieber during a trip to Ibiza, with a video emerging of the pair embroiled in a heated conversation.


But it seems as though Justin Bieber just can’t let bygones be bygones, and continued the altercation last night by uploading a crying picture of the Lord of The Rings actor to his Instagram page.

The 20-year-old pop star headed over to the social networking account to post the snap, which saw a 37-year-old Orlando looking down and rubbing his eyes, before taking it down and then posting it again 20 minutes later.

Earlier in the day he had posted a snap of Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr in a bikini before taking it down just a few hours later.



Celine Dion Fever all over the Philippines

I’ve been waiting for so long to see Celine Dion performing on stage. Finally she’ll be here in the Philippines for the first time!

On November 29, 2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena Manila, Philillines. Celine will perform her greatest hits such as
Power Of Love

It’s all coming back to me now

My Heart will Go On

Dream come true to see her live!

Well before I can watch her, I have to surpass the Royal Rumble Scene to get a ticket. I need to do a little “camping” as well outside the MOA Arena. But that’s okay. Because here in the Philippines it is normal to do such crazy thing.

I remember the last time I watched Lady Gaga, I slapped a woman infront of me because she let the new comers to fall inline infront of me.

Well I’m not afraid to do such thing again!!!!

Miranda Kerr goes topless after Orlando-Justin fight

As the fallout continues over the bust-up between her former husband Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, Miranda Kerr has stuck to what she’s best at – modelling.


Miranda Kerr topless image

The 31-year-old Australian supermodel, who’s just been announced as the new face of 7 For All Mankind, posted a black and white topless photo of herself cavorting seductively in a water-filled tub wearing a pair of the women’s luxury designer jeans.

“My new @7fam campaign shot by @sebastian_faena ! #7obsessions,” Kerr wrote in the sexy snap’s caption on her Instagram account.

She also revealed to her 4.5 million followers a sneak peek of her sultry new commercial for the brand.

Again wearing nothing but jeans, Kerr frolics around on the crisp white sheets of an unmade bed saying, “I love them, they feel so good, I love the way they fit”, her eyes firmly focused on the camera the entire time.

If she was worried that her ex had just thrown a punch at Bieber, she certainly wasn’t letting on.

But even that level of distraction couldn’t make her fans forget so soon.

“Awesome too bad your ex is freaking out over dumb bs you get it girl even though we don’t know what happened w y’all I’m on your side til the end,” one commented on her Instagram page.

Meanwhile, the Twitter backlash continued against Bieber, with one user writing: “I think Miranda Kerr is the exact definition of “punching above your weight” Justin.”

Bieber has copped widespread flack for mocking Bloom on Instagram multiple times since the British actor took a swing at the pop star in a Spanish restaurant.

Just a day after the scuffle, which was reportedly over Kerr, the 20-year-old posted a picture of Bloom appearing to shed a tear.

It came after he taunted the Pirates of the Caribbean star that morning, posting then very quickly deleting a photo of Kerr in an orange bikini.


Orlando Bloom punches Justin Bieber while in Ibiza, Spain

July 30, 2014 Ibiza, Spain


(L-R) Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr

So much for a fun night on the town! Rumored rivals Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber nearly came to blows at Cipriani in Ibiza, Spain, early Wednesday morning, according to multiple reports. The actor allegedly took a swing at the singer after Bieber made a rude comment about Bloom’s former wife, Miranda Kerr.

E! News has reached out to reps for Bloom and Bieber. Cipriani declined to comment on the incident.

Bloom and Bieber sat at separate tables. According to The New York Post’s Page Six, the 37-year-old Zulu actor refused to shake the 20-year-old “Baby” singer’s hand when Bieber’s entourage walked past. A source tells E! News that Bloom was dining with Leonardo Dicaprio and “wouldn’t speak to Justin.”

As a result, a source told the newspaper, “Bieber said something rude to Orlando, like, ‘She was good.'”

A Bieber source denied that he said anything like that, telling Page Six, “Justin didn’t even know Orlando was there. But when they saw each other, it was Orlando who was just being an a–hole to Justin.”

Similarly, a second source tells E! News that “Justin was being cordial to the guy, but then Orlando took a swing and missed. That’s when Justin mouthed off to him–but only after Orlando took the swing.”

Either way, a source told Page Six, “They got in each other’s faces and there were words. But they were separated by their entourages.” Fellow famous partiers included Diddy, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

The melee caused quite a stir. When the fight broke out, the first source tells E! News, “Everyone in the restaurant started cheering. People started getting up from their seats to see what was going on.”

A patron captured the confrontation on video and posted it to Facebook. It shows Bloom walking away from Bieber and getting separated by a crowd. He then turns around to walk to Bieber and speak to him.

TMZ obtained and published the video early Wednesday morning.

“When they were back together again, Orlando threw a punch at Bieber. He just tried to pop him! The whole place cheered,” an insider told Page Six. Meanwhile, a Bieber source said Bloom’s punch missed: “There was no contact. He missed. Then there was some ‘tough-guy shoving’ and they were separated.”

Bieber can reportedly be heard yelling at Bloom in the video, shouting, “What’s up bitch?”

Bloom and Bieber have been at odds ever since the “Heartbreaker” singer was rumored to be getting flirty with Kerr at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012; Bloom has also befriended Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez. The night of the boys’ brouhaha, Kerr attended the Escada Joyful fragrance event in Munich, Germany. Gomez, meanwhile, walked the red carpet at her Behaving Badly film premiere in Hollywood.

After his alleged altercation with Bloom, Bieber Instagrammed a photo of Kerr modeling a peach and gold bikini; he’s since deleted the picture. The bad boy later tweeted that he was “keeping it positive.”

After dinner, a source tells E! News, “Orlando and Leo went to a nightclub called Bloom.”

–Reporting by Sara Kitnick and Marc Malkin